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Ristorante Al Pozzo

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Restaurant in Monterosso al Mare

In the restaurant which has been restored due to antique methods, with its arched rooms and its red visible stones and vaults, you are welcomed in a warm and suggestive atmosphere, made still more precious by the huge aquarium, always well supplied with fresh lobster and by the well-done and original choice of crockery. At the "Al Pozzo", which is at 200 metres from the sea and from the parking place, you can also have your meals on a fresh veranda outside.


The restaurant "Al Pozzo" is situated in the oldest part of Monterosso al Mare, a medieval village that was already mentioned in 1057, i.e. in the same era when people started the huge work of the terraces along the stretch of coast that had been known as “Cinque Terre” long before and that includes the villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.


From the cultivation of the terraces comes thus a precious wine to be quoted in Boccaccio’s novels, to be served at the tables of Popes and Kings and that harmonizes very well with the products of both earth and the Ligurian Sea, which taste better the simpler and poorer they are.

Gino Barilari, chef and owner of the restaurant, has collected the knowledge of centuries that had allowed the creation of pesto, salted anchovies, pansotti with a sauce of walnuts and mushrooms wrapped in leaves. With his ability and creativeness and without forgetting the traditions that raise the authenticity of flavours, he now has added to his menu spaghettini with lobster and refined Japanese dishes with fresh raw prawns and shrimps.