La Vigna di Gigi

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Guest house in Manarola

Our room rental was born in May of 2012, thanks to Gigi's love of the region where he was born and raised, an area that is characterized by grape cultivation and by its famous dry-built walls. Seeing as Gigi is also the owner of a famous cantina in Manarola and that the rooms themselves rise up over a centuries-old vineyard, the room rental could not have been called anything but La Vigna di Gigi, or "Gigi's Vineyard". If you decide to spend a few days with us, we would be happy to introduce you to the area with guided visits to the cantina, to the terraced plots where the vines are cultivated and to our splendid sea on fishing and touring boat trips. Our rooms are located along the town's min street, in a pedestrian area, just past the barrier that prevents access to cars. This location is particularly convenient for those arriving by car, as our guests are not obligated to walk a long distance with their luggage.
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